Blacklisted / Banned Individuals |

Blacklisted / Banned Individuals

List of banned for life individuals.

1) John Kirbie Balino or John Kirby Albino.

2) Arnel Calado

3) Andy Espiritu Cadac (09124022855, 09500047268, 09551997328, 09164051988) or or – use Fake Epinoyload Facebook Page for Scamming.

4) Jessie Boy Juarez affiliated with UPN – UNLIMITED PESO NETWORK

5) Genelyn Martinez Burauen – Associate with Jessie Boy Juarez

6) Marvin Rosario – 2 members claimed they registered and paid him for load wallet however he didn’t transfer load.

7) Jing Matelos – 09187783115 – members under his/her network claimed they registered and paid him for load wallet however he didn’t transfer load.

8) Rey Denapo – 09296261459 - registered them and collected money for load wallet but didn’t replenish load.

9)  Raziel Andrade – 09982293330 / Azi Andrade 09214544296 – declaring and claiming other members deposit. Fraud / Scam.

10) Frank Lou Mamaril – 09212385537 / 09291267296 – Attempt unauthorized transfer of load wallet from other members.

11) Jodelyn Panyamugan – 09468259289 – Claim of false deposit. Fraud.

12) Mark Angelo – 09463668385, 09309423495 and 09070325226 Evelyn Felipe (FB: Leny Mirado / Lemy Mirador) – Swindlers. Pretend that they are employees of EPINOYLOAD to seek payment for registration and Insurance.

13) Michelle B. Riego – 09978612071 / 09120186835 (FB Name: Mich Chelle Riego) – Used a Fake FB Account for Fraud / Scam. 2 members claimed they registered and paid her for load wallet however she didn’t transfer the full load.


Due to committing fraud (between their retailers), falsifying identities, falsely declaring bank deposits (a form of estafa), hacking and many others.

Due to the new cybercrime law in place, electronic transactions are admissible in court, and we are considering filing criminal charges which have jail time.

Do take note that we can trace your ip, mobile no usage, and exact gps locations, whoever is helping these people, will have their balance forfeited. No matter how large, and no appeals will ever be entertained.


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