User Manual: Web Tool |

User Manual: Web Tool

ePinoyload portal serve as multifunction tool on all your web  transactions that uses internet connection.

I Getting Started:

1. Open Web browser and go to ePinoyload Webtool Website (recommended using Internet Explorer)



2. Log in to your retailer account by keying in your assigned username and password. The username is your registered Smart sim mobile number and the 6 digit pin code sent via email as confirmation, upon your registration.



3. Once signed in, click on the “Change Password” link.




4. To change the password, populate all the fields. Key in the ff:

  • Username
  • Current SMS / Webtool 6 digit default password
  • Type your New Password then confirm by retyping your New Password.


Log-out and then log in again using your new Webtool password. If you already have credits in your load wallet, then you may start selling prepaid products to customers.



II Selling the products (web tool):

In loading prepaid customers simply follow the five steps below

From Home Screen select Topup Subscriber > Input Phone Number > Select A Value >





III Monitor Sales Transactions:

From home screen select Wallet Accounts > View Transactions


You also have an option to view all your transactions Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Year over Year.

The filter is also capable of viewing your Credit / Debit / Payment / Sales and Transfers.


The Web tool simply acts as your bookkeeper.


III Registering retailers:

From Home Screen select Manage Retailer(s) > > Fill Out the form >

This option would let you add a retailer under your network, just follow the 2 Easy Steps to

  1. Fill Out the retailer form (just input the Merchant Number) All should stay as is.
  2. You can now send load credit to this member.

Adding a sub-trader has the same process, however instead of selecting Retailers click

Manage Sub-Merchant(s) form the home screen. After each successful registration a text message will be sent to the registered number maybe it be a retailer or sub-trader.

Member Categories:

Trader –responsible in expanding the network by adding qualified sub-trader or retailer and sell prepaid load. Traders automatically get 2 commission incentives on the first 6 months. Percentage will increase depending on the volume of deposit he/she submit monthly.

Sub-Trader –like a trader, sub-trader have a power to add retailer underneath his/her network however doesn’t have the ability to add another sub-trader.

Sub-Retailer – main responsibility of a retailer is to sell prepaid load. With the recent update, retailer could now add X retailer underneath his/her network with the ability to direct load replenishment.

X Retailer  – main responsibility of a X retailer is to sell prepaid load. With the recent update, they could now add Y retailer underneath his/her network with the ability to direct load replenishment.

As an incentive, new traders will be given a 2.0% initial discount for the first 6 months.

Then downgraded, after careful evaluation of ePinoyload if they do not meet the monthly target.

Incentive will vary per category depending on the amount of monthly deposit.

Over 100k, 1%  -   Over 200k, 2%  -  Over 300k, 2.5%  -  Over 1 million, 3%


IV Transfer NPC (Netplay Credits) to Load Wallet.

From Home Screen > Wallet Accounts >> Fill Out the Load Wallet Form >


Select on the drop down list which among your sub-trader / retailer mobile number you will load then indicate the amount. Click submit after filling out the form.


V Replenish of Load Wallet for Traders & Sub-Traders

For fast and efficient wallet reloading, listed below are the payment options

Company Details:
Netplay, Inc.
Address: 8th floor Aic Center building, 204 Escolta, Binondo

BDO (for Metro Manila, no charges) – sms code: BDO
Account No: 120153521
Account Name: Netplay, Inc.
Branch: Gandara

Minimum deposit is 500 pesos, anything lower will be forfeited.

This feature is only available for Traders and Sub-Traders. Once done with the deposit, following the procedure below for deposit confirmation.

The syntax to use is:
PBUY DEP <type>/<bank>/<branch>/<amount>/<date>/<time>/<reference no> to any GSM Numbers
or PBUY DEPOSIT <type>/<bank>/<branch>/<amount>/<date>/<time>/<reference no> to any GSM Numbers

The keyword is now working, you can test it on any GSM Numbers. Although it will simply reply a help message.

To inform us of your deposit to our BDO bank account.

Text  “PBUY DEP LOAD/BDO/LIBERTAD/15000/02-14-2013/15:00/021N6332512″ to GSM numbers.

For SMART MONEY instead of using “Branch” replace it with the “MOBILE

Text  “PBUY DEP LOAD/SMONEY/MOBILE/15000/02-14-2014/15:00/0A8A72BB2A2″ to GSM numbers.

Load wallet confirmation would normally take 1-3 hours depending on the volume of request.

Business Hours are 8am-5pm. Monday to Friday only.
For Saturdays, cutoff time is 12 noon and for BDO deposits only.
Incomplete deposit details will not be entertained.



VI Reports

Topup Sales

Topup Sales (Suggested Retail Price) – Shows your sales using SRP or your customer price.

Topup Sales (Cost Consumption) – Shows your sales using your actual COST per transaction (with ePinoyload discount.

From Home Screen > Topup Sales (Suggested Retail Price) or Topup Sales (Cost Consumption) > Select Month > Select Member type

This would give you an over view which day with-in the month your sales went up/down with the breakdown of your daily and monthly consumption.

Available Skus is the part of the report where you will see all products ePinoyload load support. The information contains Name of Product, Mobile Code (use for 7670), Currency, Your Cost per transaction and Price.

From Home Screen > Reports > Help Desk > Available Skus

This tool is updated real time, if there are price or product changes.



VII   24/7 Help Desk
For concerns, pls call (02) 230-8700  or send us an email at
Be sure to be ready with the following:

  1. Your Registered Mobile No. / Username
  2. Mobile No or Denomination that has a problem.
  3. Location of Mobile No that has a problem.
    (Due to delayed messaging)
  4. Complete details of your concern

Office Location

Netplay, Inc.
Binondo Headquarters
8F AIC Center Building, 204 Escolta Street Binondo, Manila City


Just fill up the form.

For more information. Check our FAQ.