Personal Accident Insurance Manual |

Personal Accident Insurance Manual

I Getting Started:

1. Open Web browser and go to ePinoyload Webtool Website (Recommended using Internet Explorer)



2. Log in to your account by keying in your assigned username and password. The username is your registered Smart sim mobile number and the 6 digit pin code sent via email as confirmation, upon your registration.


(Password will be the same log-in credentials on your ePinoyload Web tool)


II Selling the Insurance:

From Home Screen select Buy Insurance >  > Fill out the form >   button

Listed below are the descriptions of the form


1. Insurance Coverage – Select among 4 available Insurance Coverage on our product list depending on your customers need

2. Start and End Date – This is an auto populate portion, It will automatically compute the range / coverage date with each newly registered insurance.

3. Suggested Resale Price (SRP) – This is your selling price to the customer

4. Price –   Actual Cost of the product

5. Rebate – Profit every product sold – rebate is dependent on your level of membership (see chart below)


Scenario #1: Customer bought NPFP40 Insurance to a TRADER, the total profit is P15.

why? Because the rebate didn’t pass on to the member under his / her network

Trader cash profit P10 

+ Trader Share: 1.00 + Sub-Trader share: 1.00 + Sub-Retailer share 1.50 + X-Retailer share: 1.50  = Total Rebate: P15


Scenario #2: Customer bought NPFP80 or i80 Insurance to a SUB-RETAILER, the total profit is P13

why? Because he only have 1 down line which is the Sub-Retailer

Sub-Retailer cash profit P10 

+ Sub-Retailer share 1.50 + X-Retailer share : 1.50 = Total Rebate: P13)


Question 1: Will the Trader and Sub-Trader get their rebate as well?

Answer: Yes, they will both get their rebate on their wallet (Trader = 1 and Sub-Trader = 1)

Question 2: How will the rebate be credited to the up lines?
Answer: System will automatically put the rebate amount to your wallet account. You can also track your rebates via web tool



Home > Wallet Accounts > View Transactions

You could see the credit per sale under Credit Memo (Insurance Commission)

Sample below shows Sub-Retailer sold Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Trader Share: 1.00

Sub-Trader Share: 1.00

Retailer Share: 1.50

X-Retailer Share: 1.50



6. Final Price – This is your actual Cost to this transaction after the rebate. This amount will be deducted to your wallet.

7. First & Last Name – Fill out the customers’ First and Last Name (no changes is allowed after the entry) Double Check and Make sure you register the correct details.

8. Birthdate – Another key element toggle the calendar by Month / Date / Year Format


Click CLOSE when done. Double Check and Make sure you register the correct details.

9. Email Address – Enter a valid and existing customers’ email address. This will used to send confirmation and details of your transaction. An automatic email will be sent to the Insured after each successful transaction.

10. Mobile Number - For Reference, it’s best to register customers’ phone number. Similar with email you can use them to follow up in the event that their Insurance will expire. This is useful to get a sale.

11. Address – Complete Address is important, this is use as additional verification.


III Insurance Policy / Certificate Confirmation:

There are two options to for the Insured Member to get Insurance / Certificate Policy


From Home Screen > Buy Insurance

Then on the right portion of the screen select the Insured Member that you need to either print or send the Insurance Policy


The output will appear on below format


Legal Disclaimer:

An insured could only have a maximum of 4 Personal Accident Certificates at a maximum amount of P120,000 premium on a single policy. It is the responsibility of the Insured to identify the applicability of the said policy. Netplay Inc. and Federal Phoenix will not in any case reinstate or make exemptions for invalid claims.

Eligibility 18 to 65 years old.

Maximum Php120,000 cover for PA.


IV Monitor Sales Transactions:

From home screen select Wallet Accounts > View Transactions

All Insurance transactions will be under “Sales (Insurance Policy)”


You have an option to filter the view to the tab location at the upper portion of the screen


Archive would let you choose Daily and Monthly Report.


V  FPG Insurance:


Terms and Conditions:


VI   24/7 Help Desk

For concerns, pls call (02) 230-8700 or email us at
Be sure to be ready with the following:

  1. Your Registered Mobile No. / Username
  2. Mobile No or Denomination that has a problem.
  3. Location of Mobile No that has a problem. (Due to delayed messaging)

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Just fill up the form.

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