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Requirements in becoming an ePinoyload member:

You can register here.

What is the minimum deposit?

Minimum deposit is 500 pesos.

Where to Deposit?

Company Details:
Netplay, Inc.
Address: 8th floor Aic Center building, 204 Escolta, Binondo

Account No: 120153521
Branch: Gandara

Once deposited pls read this page.

Business Hours are 8-5pm. Monday – Sunday.
For Saturdays, cutoff time is 12 noon and for BDO deposits only.
Incomplete deposit details will not be entertained.


Once my mobile no is registered, what keywords can I use?
You can read about that here.

Will there be a registration fee for new Traders?
No, we don’t require any registration fee, just an initial deposit and you can start right away.
All new traders will be given a 2.0% initial discount, then progress accordingly based on their monthly sales / load consumption.
Will there be quota for traders?
No, there is no quota for traders however incentive level will increase once you hit monthly average monthly sales / load consumption to be evaluated by ePinoyload Admin.
Over 500k – 2.25%
Over 750k – 2.5%
Over 1 million – 2.7% (maximum)

What if I wasn’t able to reach the quota?
You are welcome to explore becoming a trader, without the need of a quota at 2.0% commission per deposit.
Will my Netplay Credits (NPC) expire?
Yes, if your account is inactive for 6 months, (without deductions transaction) your account will be automatically considered by our system as dormant.
All remaining NPC / load will expire and it can no longer be retrieve. For strict compliance.
This process is for system maintenance, we cannot maintain all accounts specially if it doesn’t have an activity.

Can I add a epinoyload member from another trader? 
You cannot add the same mobile number registered to another trader, however, you can issue another sim card if member wants to be registered under you.

How to replenish my Load Wallet?
Replenishment of load wallet is made thru depositing to the Netplay, Inc. Bank Account
  • BDO (Metro Manila, no charge)

See above or our Where to deposit page.

How to load?
  • using EpinoyLoad webtool.
  • using your registered Smart mobile number via 7670 access code (free of charge)

How to deactivate / reactivate  an account?

  • Contact your Trader and/or Sub-trader to deactivate account (we will not issue a wallet credit for lost, stolen and likes)
  • You cannot reactive an account, just register or apply for a new one.

I made a mistake loading a customer, how could I get back the load wallet?

  • We will not issue a load credit
  • If member is compromised we could only deactivate the account

Transfer Wallet

  • RLOAD <amount> <mobile no>

What will I do if my trader / sub-trader is no longer active or hard to reach?

  • Send us an email about this and include your number.
  • We will create a syntax code for this moving forward (RBAL LOST TRADER) “not yet in place”



Just fill up the form.

For more information. Check our FAQ.