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New Epinoyload App

How to download and install the New version of Epinoyload Android App on your mobile phone
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+ Modified User Interface
+ Load offline via GSM and GATEWAY
+ Check offline balance
+ Send Deposit Details

1.32 Update
+ Online Version Deactivated
+ Date and Time on Deposit is Fix
+ Additional Products – Smart 5 and 10
Download Version – 1.32

1.31 Update
+ Added support for GSM Modems
Download Version – 1.31

1.30 Updates
+ Fix 2g restriction on data connections.

1.29 Updates
+ Fix and update error when pressing offline mode after update
+ Indicated warning if update is detected.
+ Fix layout for settings on mobilenumber page.

1.26 Updates
+ Emergency Update to bug fixes for 1.25

1.25 Updates
+ Need to clear data before the update to v1.25.
+ Dual sim support (if using globe – Kindly delete the default number and replace with your globe number ).
+ Detect dual sim (MTK processor core)
+ Drop down list for sim selections.
+ Save 2 numbers if dual sim is detected (Need to be paired already)
+ Added Register via website link
+ Added info for Forget password.
+ Added features for globe keyword support.

1.23 Updates
+ Fix connectivity issues – drop all slow data transfer (very slow mobile data)
+ Specify connection subtypes (2g,3g etc.)
+ Fix and create a solution for late reference number reply.
+ Fix force close issues on mobile number page.

1.22 Updates
1. Fixed ANR (Force Closed Issue Error) while updating transaction list in Home Page MagLoad Tayo.
2. Fixed null entries and not being responsive on ui thread.
3. Fixed ANR (Force Closed Issue Error) while updating transaction list in Main Page Bills payment.
4. Fixed sync transactions while having a very poor 3g or internet connection that causes unreadable or incomplete api responds that generates a ANR or not being responsive.
5. Bug Fixes (due to Crashes)

1.20 Updates
#‚Äč Update and fix (online) Deposit (invalid transaction)
# Update and fix topup textbox (default textcolor white issue).
# Update and fix add retailer (default textcolor white issue)
# Update and fix drawerlayout when pressed turns into white

1.19 Updates:

  1. Update and fix (online) TopUp – when entering number.
  2. Update and fix detect no suggest numbers.
  3. Update and fix detect invalid number (not 0991234567);
  4. Update and fix crash when entering number.

1.18 Updates:

1) Fix RLOAD and Add Retailer problem (offline mode)
2) Showcase tutorials
3) Fix Deposit bug (Netplay credits and PHP)
4) Encrypted messages now have notifications
5) Integrated Billspay (online mode only)
6) Autocomplete feature for RLOAD and Mag-Load Tayo
7) Set default home page (Billspay or Load Cellphone)


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