User Manual: Mobile |

User Manual: Mobile

Member Manual – MOBILE

ePinoyload mobile service Syntax Code are available on below access code

7670 - Gateway is exclusive only for – Smart/TnT
21581361 - Gateway is exclusive only for – Globe and TM

225651361 - (SMART/TNT UNLOCKED Sims), need atleast 1-3 regular load to send and load allnetworks. And SUN 0.60 per loadwallet deduction per send. Using ILOAD Syntax.
22566003 - (GLOBE UNLOCKED Sims), need atleast 1-3 regular load to send and load allnetworks. Using ILOAD Syntax.



PLOAD  or CLOAD <mobile code> <mobile no> – loads a subscriber’s mobile no

PBAL – checks your balance.

RLOAD <amount> <mobile no> – transfers a Trader’s Netplay credits to a registered Trader’s member.

RETADD <mobile no>/<firstname>/<lastname>/<province>/<city> – add Downline

PREG <mobile no>/<firstname>/<lastname>/<province>/<city> – add Downline and Unlock

RETBAL <retailer no> – check wallet balance of retailer using my dealer number

PBUY DEP <type>/<bank>/<branch>/<amount>/<date>/<time>/<reference no> – to submit deposit

HELP – for more information

PBUY RESET – to reset / retrieve password

EVERIFY – To get certificate of you registered no.

ECHECK – to check if no. is registered to EPINOYLOAD system.

EGSM – to validate if a No. is a valid EPINOYLOAD GSM Modem.


I Selling the products:

From your registered Smart Sim Card, just follow the easy steps to load a customer.

Syntax to use: PLOAD <mobile code> <mobile no>

Smart, Sun, TnT, PLDT and Cignal Example: PLOAD   15   09191234567   send to 7670 or Smart GSM Numbers

Globe and TM Example: PBUY   GB15   09271234567   send to 21581361 or Globe GSM Numbers

Mobile / Product codes are available on the web tool, to check the latest

list of mobile codes Log-in > Home Screen > Reports > Help Desk > Available Skus

To check remaining Balance Type simply type PBAL and send to 7670 (Smart),  21581361 (Globe), Globe GSM Numbers


A confirmation will be sent after you transfer load on below format



II Sending Load Wallet to Sub-Trader / Retailer

This enables the member to transfer NPC (Netplay Credits) to sub-traders and/or retailers load wallet.

Syntax to use: RLOAD <amount> <mobile no>


RLOAD 1000 09217654321    then send to 7670 (Smart),  21581361 (Globe), or GSM Numbers


To check Wallet Balance of a member within your network RETBAL <retailer no> send to 7670 (Smart),  21581361 (Globe), or GSM Numbers

A similar Confirmation will be sent once you transfer retail load.


III Replenish Load Wallet

Currently we have 3 available options to deposit payment for your ePinoyload Wallet.

For fast and efficient wallet reloading, listed below are the payment options

Company Details:
Netplay, Inc.
Address: 8th floor Aic Center building, 204 Escolta, Binondo

BDO (for Metro Manila, no charges) – sms code: BDO
Account No: 120153521
Account Name: Netplay, Inc.
Branch: Gandara

Account No: 5577-5193-4856-3108
Account Name: Netplay, Inc


Minimum deposit is 500 pesos, anything lower will be forfeited.

This feature is now open for all member type. Once done with the deposit, following the procedure below for deposit confirmation.

The syntax to use is:
PBUY DEP <type>/<bank>/<branch>/<amount>/<date>/<time>/<reference no> to 21581361 (Globe), or GSM Numbers
or PBUY DEPOSIT <type>/<bank>/<branch>/<amount>/<date>/<time>/<reference no> to 21581361 (Globe), or GSM Numbers



To inform us of your deposit to our BDO bank account.

Text  “PBUY DEP LOAD/BDO/LIBERTAD/15000/02-14-2013/15:00/021N6332512″ to 21581361 (Globe), or GSM Numbers

For SMART MONEY instead of using “Branch” replace it with the “MOBILE

Text  “PBUY DEP LOAD/SMONEY/MOBILE/15000/02-14-2014/15:00/021N6332512″ to 21581361 (Globe), or GSM Numbers

Load wallet confirmation would normally take 1-3 hours depending on the volume of request.

Business Hours are 9-5pm. Monday to Friday only.
For Saturdays, cutoff time is 12 noon and for BDO deposits only.
Incomplete deposit details will not be entertained.


III Grow Your Network

To earn more incentives and to stabilize your business adding New Sub-Trader and/or Retailer is an essential part of the business.

Adding a Sub-Trader/Retailer

Syntax Code: RETADD <mobile no> send to 7670 (Smart),  21581361 (Globe), or GSM Numbers

Example: RETADD 09171234567


Trader  can only add Sub-Trader

Sub-Trader can only  add Sub-Retailer

Sub-Retailer can only  add X-Retailer

X-Retailer can only  add Y-Retailer


IV Other Syntax Codes

To view the list of available Syntax Codes: HELP  send to GSM Numbers

To retrieve / reset Web Toll Password: PBUY RESET send to 21581361 (Globe), or GSM Numbers


V   24/7 Help Desk

For concerns, pls call (02) 230-8700, 0917-826-6821, 0999-882-9723  or send us an email at
Be sure to be ready with the following:

  1. Your Registered Mobile No. / Username
  2. Mobile No or Denomination that has a problem.
  3. Location of Mobile No that has a problem.
    (Due to delayed messaging)
  4. Complete details of your question

Office Location

Netplay, Inc.
Binondo Headquarters
8F AIC Center Building, 204 Escolta Street Binondo, Manila City


Just fill up the form.

For more information. Check our FAQ.