Automated Deposits

Below information are important and must read. If you have questions, use the comment section.

This feature are for Traders and Sub-Traders ONLY. Listed on the bottom are the active GSM Modem Mobile numbers. Please use it randomly to avoid congestion.


The syntax to use is:
PBUY DEP <type>/<bank>/<branch>/<amount>/<date>/<time>/<reference no> to any GSM Modems Number
or PBUY DEPOSIT <type>/<bank>/<branch>/<amount>/<date>/<time>/<reference no> to any GSM Modems Number


For BDO bank accounts use the BRANCH LOCATION.

text PBUY DEP LOAD/BDO/LIBERTAD/15000/02-14-2013/15:00/211N6332512

send to any GSM Modem Numbers


For SMART MONEY to Smart Money use word SMONEY and MOBILE

text PBUY DEP LOAD/SMONEY/MOBILE/15000/02-14-2014/15:00/0A8AC2BB212

send to any GSM Modem Numbers


For  BDO Over The Counter Deposit to Smart Money, get the exact Reference number to the BDO Teller

text PBUY DEP LOAD/SMONEY/BDO/100/05-15-2014/12:10/0A8AC2BB212

send to any GSM Modem Numbers

Click this LINK for more information.


To fund your PHP WALLET follow the Syntax below
PBUY DEP MONEY/<bank>/<branch>/<amount>/<date>/<time>/<reference no> to any GSM Modems Number
or PBUY DEPOSIT MONEY/<bank>/<branch>/<amount>/<date>/<time>/<reference no> to any GSM Modems Number

Technically, just replace word LOAD with MONEY.

PHP wallet is used only for Bills Payment (see updates below).

Bills Payment Update

Bills Payment Update 2

Accepted values for Type fro PBUY are:

LOAD – for Netplay Credits

Accepted values for Bank:

BDO – Banco de Oro

SMART MONEY – 5577-5193-4856-3108

Other information:
(1) <branch> – means the source branch to where you deposited the money. We need to know where you deposited it FROM. NOT Netplay bank account.

For Online deposits. Just put ONLINE. We will identify your deposit using bank reference number, generated on each transaction.

(2) <amount> – should contain numbers only. No alphabets, No commas.
e.g. 15000 – correct
15,000 – wrong

(3) <date> – should be in format (mm-dd-yyyy)
mm – is 2 digit month
dd – is 2 digit date
yyyyy – is 4 digit year
e.g. 02-14-2013 for Feb 14, 2013

(4) <time> – should in 24 hour format (hh:mm)
for 3:30 pm, use 15:30
hh – is 2 digit hour (01-24)
mm – is 2 digit minute (00-59)
Do not indicate seconds. Bank usually use 24 format.

(5) <reference no> – online reference number or deposit slip reference no for us to match it.


Important Note:

Sending of too many consecutive INVALID deposit details will be considered fraudulent and will result in the blacklisting of your account. For faster response, make sure you REVIEW your text before sending your deposit.

We do not accept Any Remittance, ECPay, Palawan Express, Express Pay,, Overseas Deposit, and Any Pawnshop Deposit.



For Traders, you will get the same discount as agreed upon.
When Sub-Traders deposit, they will get the full 2% and a 0.5% commission will be given to the dealer, to be credited to their wallet.


Deposit Crediting Update as of 12/09/14:

We can now facilitate seven days a week automated crediting of your deposits.

As long as it’s a “PERFECT MATCH” your load wallet will replenish within 30 minutes to an hour (depending on the volume of request).

Crediting hours is also extended from 7:00AM to 10:00PM.

You will also receive a notification if your deposit is rejected.

Make sure that you send the correct details to avoid delays. We will still apply manual crediting of deposit when needed (server / system down time).

639295009298 639158052526 639423067800
639087044422 639278781352 639425344238
639471737872 639162944828 639423067279
639472897544 639278781352 639427452005
639476126711 639167933388 639222150081
639982372784 639267572952 639324833676
639982372788 639176432005 639427449070
639982372846 639062187653 639335594340
639982372898 639164051988 639324833745
639087044420 639055447252 639426087240



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