You can register here (subject for approval)

Want to become a ePinoyload Trader?
Traders are special, they can transfer/pass load from his wallet to an epinoyload member registered underneath him.A trader can also register sub-traders underneath his account.
We don’t have a quota for you to become a trader,
but we give a higher discount incentives for monthly average deposits.
Over 100k, 1%
Over 200k, 2%
Over 300k, 2.5%
Over 1 million, 3%
As an incentive, new traders will be given a 2.0% initial discount for the first 6 months.
Then downgraded, after careful evaluation of ePinoyload if they do not meet the monthly quota.
On your trader application please indicate the following items
  1. Target Market
  2. Type of Business
  3. Ability to grow Network
  4. Projected Monthly Deposit

Trader Protection
We offer Trader protection and we do not register mobile nos that were previously registered.  Your trader basically owns the network underneath, not epinoyload.
After we read your application, we either call or send you an email asking for the following details.

  1. Verify Mobile Number
  2. Home Address
  3. Scanned copy of 2 valid ID’s
  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • PRC ID
  • NBI Clearance (updated)
  • Police Clearance (updated)
  • Postal ID
  • Voters ID
  • SSS ID
  • OFW ID
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Alien Certificate of Registration (ARC)
  • Taxpayer’s ID
  • Firearms License (updated)
  • National ID

Once application is submitted give us two weeks to evaluate and will advise whether your application is approve or decline.

105 thoughts on “BE AN EPINOY TRADER

    1. epinoyload Post author

      Hi, no registration fee.

      All registrations are suspended at the moment.
      automated registrations will be up by feb 15, 2013

        1. Raymund

          Gusto kung maging Dealer pwede ba i upgrade ung subdealer sim ko? 09293327723

          1. epinoyload Post author

            Instructions for automated registrations will open on feb 17, 2013.

    1. boobie278 Post author

      for your netplay wallet. zero pesos, and the netplay credits does not expire.

      but you need to maintain at least 1 peso in your airtime.

      1. nolito canonoy

        sir pag sub dealer ka din gosto mong maging trader pwedi po ba yon ? Reply in my email tnx

  1. genel

    where should i send my applicati0n? Or requirement to enr0ll to be a trader? If i will be a trader , do i can sell load to other ?

      1. genel

        automated registrati0n? So kaht di na b ko magpasa ng ilang requirements? O kailangan pa din?
        Panu yun nka register yung sim ko as a retailer , pwd b i upgrade sya as trader, dealer and retailer as welL? Magkan0?
        May bbyaran b?
        May menu naba ang epin0y l0ad ? Para makapagload ng mas madali , ng di na kailangan nagttxt sa gateway?

  2. blitzmichael2

    So does that mean I can become a trader without cashing out at first? What if I want to cash out later?

    1. epinoyload Post author

      Hi, what do you mean by cashing out? we don’t offer any refunds.

      1. blitzmichael2

        I mean, can I become a trader? If yes how much is the minimum deposit to become a trader/dealer?

          1. frenzel arzadon


          2. epinoyload Post author

            No, tradership protection is in effect..

  3. neelhtak21

    Paano po ba namin malalaman if registered na po kami as trader?
    and do we need to deposit first bago maregister yung account namin?

      1. epinoyload Post author

        Hi, we are working very hard at our registration process.. we would like to apologize for any delays.

  4. neelhtak21

    Good Day! Ask ko lang po ulit if need pa namin magregister ulit for automated? kasi po, nag send na po ako ng requirements sa email add nyo. Thanks

  5. Ruzzell Obedoza

    kung ang subdealer pwede magupgrade as dealer, pano naman po ang mga retailer na gusto magsubdealer or dealer?pwede pa din po ba without changing their sims?kasi may mga ayaw magpalit ng number to resolve such conflict regarding upgrading without changing numbers?thank you!

    1. epinoyload Post author

      we offer trader protection, no upgrades of current sims.. whoever wants to upgrade loses his/her network and is still subject to the monthly discounting incentives.

  6. chamberline tenedor

    i need a contact person that i can trust to deal with.09128803905

    1. epinoyload Post author

      Its a registration form where you can sign up to be a trader.

  7. chrislpc

    Ano ibig sabihin ng 2.5% discount sa trader? Halimbawa trader ako nagdeposit ako ng P1000, how much load wallet will I receive? Marami kasi ako nabasa 10% ang add-on rate sa retailer so 12.5% ang add-on rate sa trader? So yung P1000 ko, i will get 1125 load wallet, at pag nagbenta ako ng 100 ay 100 din bawas sa load wallet ko?

    1. epinoyload Post author

      you deposit PHP 975.00, I load you 1,000 Netplay credits. 2.5% discount

      you load 100 to a smart subscriber, system deducts 88.50 (this is just an example.)

  8. Jayson

    Hi, pwede bang Sun yung iparegister na sub-dealer? Kahit hindi free yung gateway, basta may gateway pang Sun.

  9. nolito canonoy

    sir paano maging ..trader .mag apply po ako student lang po ako..may bayad po ba ang pag applyng trader .at may monthly ba na e mantain?..plz reply me

    1. epinoyload Post author

      follow the schedule of automated registrations. no registration fee.. no monthly quota… but you’ll get a bigger discount if you can load more than a 100k, 200k, or 300k a month.

  10. nolito canonoy

    sir nag apply na ako elang buwan ba ang process nito.

    1. epinoyload Post author

      follow the schedule of automated registrations.

    1. epinoyload Post author

      follow the schedule of automated registrations.

    1. epinoyload Post author

      follow the schedule of automated registrations.

  11. august

    hi good afternoon,

    can i have your website for automated registration so i can register.

    salamat po

    1. epinoyload Post author

      follow the schedule of automated registrations.

  12. leigh

    sub dealer na po ako for more than a year na… ala pa kc noon ang online registration. Yung mga retailers ko ba pwede rin ba sila magpaload sa bank?

    1. epinoyload Post author

      I don’t think the retailers are supported right now… maybe in 2 weeks time.

      sub-dealers can load through banks now.

  13. epinoyload Post author

    its not unfair.. sales is based on volume… the more you sell, the more you earn..

    whether they deposit 100k one time, or deposit 1,000 100 times doesn’t make a difference..

    its simple math.. also if they don’t meet their quota after 6 months… their discount will be downgraded.

  14. Abner Bonnet V. Casinsinan

    Hello Sir,

    I am just inquiring over your offer of becoming a trader/dealer. Do I need to email first the needed requirements and wait if our application is approve before we proceed to make an initial deposit of load fund? And, it is correct that we can do initial fund as low as P500 if our application is approved?

    I am very much interested for dealership because I am having an affiliate program wherein I am giving my affiliate members a privilege of discounts for self-loading or retail profit if they sell it to others. I really intend to become a dealer so I could maximize the discount given by your company wherein I will be allocating 1% from my 2.5% para gawing Patronage Reload Bonus ng mga affiliate members ko.

    Please give me some additional feedback on my inquiry.

    Thanks and looking forward for a productive partnership!

    Abner Bonnet V. Casinsinan
    Marketing Head/Founder
    Contact No. 09105831617

  15. Abner Bonnet V. Casinsinan

    Hello Sir,

    I’m interested to become a Trader or Dealer, tanong ko lang po kung tsaka na ba ako magdeposit after na maapproved ang application ko?

    Mag-apply po ba muna, then wait for approval tsaka pa magdeposit ng initial load fund?

    Please do give me feedback.

    Looking forward for a productive partnership!

    Thank you.

  16. chrislpc

    If I apply to become a trader this month of May, then upon approval I am automatically entitled to 2% discount on purchases. If within the same month I purchased over 1M how will the new discount rate of 3% be effected? Will I get a 1% rebate of my May purchases, or will the new discount rate be applied effective June? What happens if I am given 3% discount but my June purchases fall below 1M?

    In additon, what does over 1M exactly mean? Is it over 1,000,000 pesos payment to epinoyload or over 1,000,000 worth of credits purchases? There is a slight difference between the two values and this needs some clarification.

  17. markedgarmiralles

    Magandang araw po sa inyong lahat ma’am and Sir…. Gusto ko pong mag retail ng all net load..ang problem ko lang dyan yong mga menu… Ng tm.. Globe.. Atbp… Hindi kopa kasi alam Kong paano
    Mag load ng epinoy load… Salamat I need your responce to my account….

  18. Marylle Ann

    How to become a trader? and magkno ang min. qouta monthly ng isang trader? thanks godbless

  19. christine may

    Hi ngapply poh aqng trader bkt wla p rng responce? 26 p poh aq ngregisterr

    1. christine may

      Wla poh confrmation kya ngapply n lng aq n subdealer gmt ung ader smart sim q.. aux lng poh b un? O nid q n ipacancel ung application q as trader?

      1. BJ - ePinoyload

        Your application as Trader is sill on batch and we are yet to review and approve it together with the other applicants. It would be wiser to apply as a sub-trader temporarily to start your loading business. Make sure that it’s not the same number you used to apply as trader.

  20. Bryan

    tanong ko lang po, once na maging trader kna. tpos may gustong maging sub dealer… paano mg.activate ng subdealer, pra magiging under na cya sau?

  21. iris

    hi baka meron po kaya kau marerecommend na dealer ng load dito s lucena ung kumuha kasi sakin di ako maloadan thanks

  22. Mixins Shoppe

    Good PM

    Epinoyload, I am from Davao. Tapos may nakilala akong sub dealer ng netplay (same ba kayo?).

    To make the long story short, sabi ng subdealer from netplay, to become a retailer I need to pay 400 to activate a sim. Tapos to become a SUB DEALER I need to pay 2500 or 3000 plus. Depends on the package.
    Ang tanong ko
    1. same ba kayo ng NeTPlay
    2. Kung same kayo, may package ba kayong ganito?

    Thanks EPinoy..

  23. Mixins Shoppe


    How to become an EPINOY RETAILER?
    Where will I replenish my load wallet?
    Requirements to become a retailer?


  24. Marilen

    How do i know if my application is approve since i send the Pbuy and it send a notification “PBUY 28-Mar 21:30 – Verification of your mobile has been confirmed! Please allow 1-2 days for your application review. P1/txt” and PBUY 28-Mar 21:30 – Mobile (63947xxxxxxx) has no pending application. To register: visit P1/txt” do i have to register again?

  25. Chamberline Tenedor

    Sa mga gusto po maging SUB-DEALER or RETAILER
    Libre lang po ang activation sa akin ^_^
    no other hidden charges
    PM me your name,address and contact number

  26. lykaa

    09498663463 gudpm bakit hagang ngyaon hindi pa ako na aprovhan sbi 1 to 2 days lang pero wala parin nag fill up ako ng form

    1. BJ - ePinoyload

      We receive high volume on applications. Please be patient and wait for this month to finish.
      We are also introducing new products.

  27. joseph estrebello

    sir hindi pa po ba approved yong application ko sa trader nung friday night ako nagregister? nagdeposit na ako ng 500 pesos sa account niyo kasi yun yung nakalagay sa info kapag gusto kong maging trader.. pakiayos naman po.. I want to be a trader sir. thanks po.. ito po yung number na pinaparegister ko. 09483045067

    1. BJ - ePinoyload

      We will park applications to last week of April going to May. We are working on few items to stabalize our network and web tool.

      Also we recently launch new products. Thank you.

  28. Chamberline Tenedor

    call or text 09306460066


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