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Q: How to apply as a remittance agent?
A: Visit – https://truemoney.epinoyload.com/Agent-Registration
Q: How to apply as a recruiter?
A: Visit – https://truemoney.epinoyload.com/Recruiter-Registration
Q: What is the difference of an Agent and Recruiter?
A: An Agent role is to recruit and manage network.
The APPROVED Agent is eligible of referral commission and Bills Pay / Remittance commission per transaction.
While the Recruiter role is to acquire potential Remittance Agent.
He/She is only eligible for referral commission ONLY.
Q: Who is our Remittance and

    Bills Pay Partner?
    A: True Money
    Q: How can I qualify as a remittance agent?
    A: Send us your application, then submit the following documents

    • Government Issued ID
    • DTI / SEC
    • Business Permit
    • Signed Agent Agreement Form
    • Signed Agent Application Form

    Q: What if my business permit is not yet available?
    A: You can still apply as a Remittance Agent by signing the Addendum Agent Agreement, just complete and provide the document within 3 to 6 months. Make sure your application is submitted before December 31, 2017. If you fail to submit or complete the documents remittance function will be deactivated on your account.
    Q: How much is the registration fee to become a remittance Agent?
    A: It’s FREE, NO need to shell out cash. Once approved, your business could now do remittance.
    Q: Are we going to get Anti-Money Laundering Act certificate?
    A: Yes, True Money will conduct AMLA training and provide certification. They will visit or go near approved applicants’ location.
    Q: Do you also provide Marketing Materials like a regular True Money centre?
    A: Yes, True Money and Epinoyload will dress up all approved stores/company
    Q: How is this different from existing True Money centres?
    A: Instead of using POS device, we will use the existing Epinoyload Platform.
    No need to purchase a terminal device. Once the service is up, you can conduct remittance via Web tool, Android App and FB Messenger.
    Q: Do I need to register a new number?
    A: We encourage to use your existing Epinoyload registered number to maintain the same wallet.
    We will activate both NPC ad PHP credits.
    Q: You mentioned that we can use our existing mobile number, does that mean our network will also retain?
    A: YES, it will still be under the same network. Either you recruit your down lines or acquire new members.
    Q: What is NPC and PHP Wallet? Do we need to fund both?
    A: NPC wallet is used for prepaid loading, while PHP wallet is use for Bills Pay and Remittance
    You need to fund the wallet separately (LOAD/MONEY)
    Q: Can we transfer/convert funds from PHP to NPC, vice versa?
    A: That function is not yet available.
    Q: If I recruit got approve, will he be under my network?
    A: Yes, similar to Epinoyload Member Level.
    Q: What if an existing Epinoyload member would like to join my network however his/her registration is from other Retailer, can I still recruit him/her for remittance?
    A: Yes, although you can only get referral commission, not per transaction because the mobile number is under a different network. If you wish to recruit someone under your network, we recommend to use a new mobile number. We will not allow cross network transfer on PHP. We could also not transfer an existing mobile number to a new/different network, in compliance to Trader Protection Program.
    Q: What if I only want Bills Pay, do I need to submit requirements?
    A: No need, the business requirements is ONLY for Remittance Agent Applicants.
    Q: Can I recruit someone who’s not yet part of Epinoyload network?
    A: No, you would need to activate applicants’ mobile number first on the Epinoyload Network before adding as remittance agent.
    Q: How much is the Referral Fee / Commission?
    A: Every approved Agent Referral: P50
    On his/her first remittance transaction, recruiter will get additional P50
    If the approve Agent accumulate P50,000 remittance transfer, the recruiter will get additional P100.
    December Promo (until Dec 31, 2017 ONLY)
    First 20 approved agent application we will credit P1000
    If the 20 approved agent conduct a transaction before January 31, 2018, recruiter will receive P1000.
    Q: How much is my commission per transaction on Bills Pay and Remittance
    A: Bills Pay commission: 4 to 5 pesos per bills pay transaction
    Remittance commission: 0.70% per remittance transaction (cash in and cash out)
    Q: Do you have other commission program?
    A: YES!
    This is a unique commission program that only Epinoyload and True Money offer.
    We distribute an additional percentage and peso on every transaction of your entire network.
    See sample below.

    BILLS PAY (.45 cents additional spread commission)
    Transaction from X retailer
    Sub-retailer will get 0.25 centavos per transaction
    Sub-trader will get 0.10 centavos per transaction
    Trader will get 0.10 centavos per transaction
    (Commission gets higher depending on the level of member who transact)


    REMITTANCE (0.05% additional spread commission)
    Transaction from Y retailer
    X-Retailer will get 0.02% per transaction
    Sub-retailer will get 0.01% per transaction
    Sub-trader will get 0.01% per transaction
    Trader will get 0.01% per transaction
    (Commission gets higher depending on the level of member who transact)

    Q: What if I want to ENCASH my commission? Can I do that?
    A: Yes, you can convert PHP wallet to Cash. By next year, we will distribute Card on all Remittance agent that you can use to any ATM machine for encashment.
    Q: How long is the application process?
    A: After you submit application the process normally takes 7 to 10 business days to review.
    We send a notification via email on every step of our application. Kindly secure that the email address you provide is correct.
    Q: Since this is an Epinoyload an True Money initiative, could we also take advantage of the existing True Money stores?
    A: YES! This collaboration allows Epinoyload and True Money approve Agents to transact remittance nationwide. We will provide a bigger, wider, better reach to our customers. Once approve, your store will be part of the existing data base https://truemoney.com.ph/locator
    Q: How much do we need to put to start the Bills Pay and remittance business
    A: We recommend a P5,000 initial fund on your PHP wallet. You should be able to start remittance and bills pay immediately.
    Q: Which customer support should we use for Loading, Bills Pay and Remittance?
    For prepaid loading, minor remittance and bills pay question you can still reach us.
    For follow up and validation of bills pay or remittance transaction, kindly call True Money directly.
    #88866 (toll-free)
    (02) 718-9999
    Monday to Saturday – 9am to 9pm
    Sunday – 9am to 6pm


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